Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis

Ho Chi Minh City, 01 August 2017

His Holiness, Pope Francis

Apostolic Palace

Vatican City State, 00120

Subject:  The Serious Wrong-Doings of Some Bishops in Vietnam


Your Holiness,

I the undersigned Mr. Hoang Huu Phuoc, a businessman from – and a National Assembly Representative in the 2011-2016 tenure of – Vietnam, wish to convey my best compliments to Your Holiness and would like to take this opportunity to invite the kind perusal of Your Holiness to the following serious issues relating to some priests and bishops in Vietnam involving themselves in antagonizing their followers and agitating the rioting protests against the government of Vietnam, which I humbly believe are not beyond your full awareness of.

A) Protests Agitated by Dissident Bishops in Vietnam


1- The Misuse of the Vatican Flag by Vietnamese Catholic Hoi Polloi:

The Roman Catholic followers worldwide know the square Holy See Flag consisting of two equal vertical halves with a yellow hoist side and the white fly having the Vatican City coat of arms bearing the images of Saint Peter’s crossed keys and the Papal Tiara, as well as the strict legislation and precedence of The Holy See Flag.

However, to serve the purpose of organizing protest demonstrations against the government of Vietnam under the pretext of fighting against the Taiwanese investors doing harms to the environment, the dissident bishops in Vietnam order the people of their dioceses to produce many of the so-called “Vatican Flag” in rectangle shape of two horizontal halves of white upper band and yellow lower half, either without the images of Saint Peter’s crossed keys and the Papal Tiara, or with a strange thick red cross in the middle. To make it worse or the worst, Catholic hoi polloi have such “Vatican Flags” either shouldered, waved, or simply inserted the flagstaffs into whatever holes available on rear tailstock covers of motorcycles, i.e. leaving such “Vatican flags” flutter at the back of the women sitting behind male riders.

These bishops and the people they teach doctrines to either (a) are obviously so ignorant of the Vatican Flag, or (b) disregard the legislation and precedence of The Holy See, or (c) become traitors wishing to overthrow the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church by designing a new Vatican Flag for separate use totally at their own discretion in Vietnam, or (d) imply that their dissidence is strongly supported and generously funded by The Holy See against the government of Vietnam, or (e) at the worst plan to make the Roman Catholic Church of Vietnam a political party competing against the Communist Party of Vietnam.

2- Rags for Flags:

To challenge the worldwide administration power of The Holy See, the bishops and their diocesan people rally with many fake Vatican Flags of dubious sources of fabrics. This is an insult to The Holy See.

To challenge the worldwide academicians, the same bishops and their diocesan people rally also with many unknown square colorful “flags” with unevenly serrated tails at all sides except the hoist, which they proudly wave alongside the Vietnam-bishopized “Vatican flags”. This is an insult to The Holy See.

And to challenge the worldwide-acknowledged Government of Vietnam, the same bishops and their diocesan people rally also with many rectangular yellow three-red-lined pieces of cloth, similar to the flags of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), which was never supported by the late His Holiness Pope Paul VI, and which was totally defeated for good by the communist army of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) in 1975. Wavering the rag flags of a permanently eliminated regime when protesting under the name of the Catholic Church and the leading of their bishops, Catholic hoi polloi obviously imply they are openly anti-communist and thus put themselves in seriously violating the country’s strict applicable laws relating to the acts of advocating or abetting overthrow of the Government – rules somewhat similar to, but not as strict as, the 18 US Code 2385. Their non-compos mentis status is an insult to The Holy See.

3- Vietnamese Bishops as Agitators & Rioters

Even though the word “overthrow” has been found in 52 instances in 17 verses, 11 chapters and 11 books of the Holy Bible, not even a single implication of overthrowing the government is mentioned. Instead, the teaching is that every government is put in place by the sovereign will of God (cf. Psalm 75:7; Daniel 2:21), and that all governments in all places are to be honored, respected, and obeyed by believers (cf. Romans 13:1-4, Luke 2:1-5, Luke 20:22-25, Acts 14:10, and 1 Peter 2:13-17). Titus 3:1-2 clearly mentions, “Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone.” All are abundantly raised as words of wisdom from God for the very basis of peace in everybody’s harmonious cooperation with the government. Such rule of obedience is reasonable as it provides a lone option when the people can practice civil disobedience by refusing to practice the regulation of the government’s laws if such laws are proven in direct conflict with God’s laws as generated in the Holy Bible (cf. Exodus 1:15-17, Acts 4:19, and Daniel 3:14-18).

The worldwide political chaos nowadays are germinated from the blatant disregard for God’s teachings.

When the Taiwanese investors brought damage to the marine ecological environment at some coastal provinces of Vietnam, they were sued to and found guilty and fined by the Vietnam’s court as per the applicable laws of Vietnam. However, ignoring the Deuteronomy 25:1-3 that “When people have a dispute, they are to take it to court and the judges will decide the case, acquitting the innocent and condemning the guilty. If the guilty person deserves to be beaten, the judge shall make them lie down and have them flogged in his presence with the number of lashes the crime deserves, but the judge must not impose more than forty lashes”, the dissident bishops led the crowds from their dioceses for protests,  vehemently waving the “rag flags” and angrily shouting for heavier punishment to the culprits though beyond the applicable laws and even for closing of the factories though beyond the applicable laws and expelling all those Taiwanese people though beyond the applicable laws.

These recent sad incidents in Vietnam are of an example of the vital importance of how the lack of proper care of faithful parents and elders at families, of decent education at schools, of profound teachings of God’s words at churches, and of strict supervision of the higher levels of the regional Roman Catholic Church may only produce some impudent inconsiderate bishops as agitators for rioting, enmeshed in the mundane political polarities though totally unknowledgeable of communism and any other –isms, pitifully dreaming of self-involvement in insane plots to overthrow the government of Vietnam and thereupon insulting the Holy Church.

4- Stupidity at Agitating Bishops from Their Ignorance of History

It is obviously not beyond the knowledge of the people blessed to have had years at school that Catholicism first landed onto Vietnam’s shore through the priests aboard warships of France in its commencement of the one-hundred-year occupation – i.e. colonialization – of Vietnam. This is a bitter indisputable truth to generations of patriots of the country, as-a-matter-of-factly hindering Catholicism from becoming the main religion in Vietnam.

Instead of following teachings from the Holy Bible to lead a pious life of a Catholic to become an exemplary being to help make words of Lord God Almighty well-materialized and best-influential for the betterment of the whole nation, some bishops misuse the power entrusted to them only to make the people at dioceses their subjects and themselves the Feudal Lords owning the dioceses as if these were their isolated kingdoms. It is a preposterously nonsensical fact in Vietnam where some bishops always want their dioceses physically and spiritually separated from the rest of the nation, ignoring their citizen’s responsibility and their country’s laws.

Besides the ignorance of the profound teachings of God, the ignorance of the history of Vietnam at those bishops does not help the country develop in any aspect at all – be it economy, prestige of the country in general and of  Catholicism in particular, education, politics, and even religion.

Freedom of speech and of expression can never be for creating problems to the majority of Catholics countrywide and to poor compatriots. Whilst Catholic churches and Catholics are everywhere in Vietnam, only one or two small dioceses in some provinces follow the order or their agitating bishops to organize protests with rag flags shouting for much harsher punishment against a foreign business, closing of that business, chasing its people out of Vietnam; thus sowing further seeds of hatred from Vietnamese people of different religious beliefs towards Catholics, making “moderate” Catholics countrywide embarrassed, and forcing the government not to lessen its alertness against the Catholic bishops and Catholic communities as a whole. And last but never the least, such protests at poor provinces create disturbances badly affecting the daily toiling for a living of street vendors and destitute people doing odd jobs on pavements of roads blocked by angry vehement bishops and their naïve diocese people.


B) Humble Proposals

Born into the family of my Buddhist parents who believed in Jesus Christ (as impressed by the much exemplary respectful responsible supportive pious living of the Catholic nuns at a convent located near our home at District 3 of Saigon in 1957 who provided generous help to anybody of the neighbourhood comprising of  non-Christians only) and sent their children to Catholic high schools in Vietnam, I have some siblings who are Catholic or Evangelical Christians, and everyone in my big family regardless of a Buddhist or a Christian or just an ancestor-worshipper like myself agrees on the one and utmost point of view that we are the citizens of Vietnam first before the perception that we are children of God Almighty. This is to set it very clear that we the children of God bestowed by God on to Vietnam are prepared to annihilate without any mercy the invaders say from China or elsewhere, be them also the children of God. Vietnam First is the very motto of all the real patriots of Vietnam who pray God to bless their own country first.

With the above in mind, and with the great impression instilled from the various statements of Your Holiness, e.g. the criticisms against the abusive practices in capitalism, and particularly the one delivered by Your Holiness at the interview with Il Messaggero in June 2014 relating to “Poverty is at the center of the Gospel”, profoundly implying that the concern of communism for the poor is in fact from the concern of the poor as written in the Gospel twenty centuries earlier, which thereupon make communism a Christian, I wish to bring the following proposals to Your Holiness for consideration.

1) Stronger & More Effective Supervision of Local Priests and Bishops in Vietnam

The Holy See should consider to ordain a very strong Apostolic Nuncio in charge of Vietnam capable of unmasking the wrong-doings and dirty tricks of those Vietnamese priests and bishops whose plots are to besmirch The Holy See, to spoil the diplomatic ties between Vatican and Vietnam, to overthrow the Government of Vietnam, to lure naïve Catholic followers to treasons, and to distort the teachings of God.


2) Execution of Real Power of Vatican to Wrong-Doers

The above incidents of abuse of power to besmirch the prestige of The Holy See also ignite the necessity of execution of power of Vatican against wrong-doers using the cassocks as camouflage and Vatican as protecting armor. Excommunication is the only correct punishment imposed against the Vietnamese priests and bishops who order their diocese people to display fake Vatican Flags and rag flags at illegal protests, and lead a mundane life of lies, xenophobia, social disobedience, and morbid agitation for conviction of treason.

3) Materialization of Real Diplomatic Ties with the Government of Vietnam

Freedom of speech and expression includes the right whether of an individual or an organization to promote atheism or other beliefs. Any action against a regime on the pretext of its different religious belief is never a righteous observation of the freedom of speech and expression in the civilized world. The late His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI made a righteous and important step towards establishing diplomatic ties with the communist Vietnam on 25 January 2007.

However, it seems Vietnam is the only country whereat some local Catholic priests and bishops not only openly show their leadership in the efforts to do dirty tricks to create problems against the government, but also cry with crocodile’s tears whenever meeting Apostolic Nuncio, Papal Delegates, or Cardinals, as if they were under the cruel oppression and suppression and anti-Catholic campaigns of the Government of Vietnam.

The Holy See should consider the official affirmation that the Vietnamese bishops ordained by The Holy See must honour the diplomatic relation between The Holy See and the Government Vietnam, must report to The Holy See whatever problems of their concern for The Holy See to take suitable diplomatic action with the diplomatic counterparts as per diplomatic practices bilaterally agreed upon by both sides, and must understand that they have no right whatsoever to gather and lead their diocese people for anti-government protests on behalf of The Holy See and deliberate use of Vatican Flag inn any occasions outside the church premises.

4) Acknowledging the Power of the Government as per Teachings in Testaments

The Catholic priests and bishops in Vietnam need be reminded of the obedience to the Government of Vietnam, following God’s teachings in The Holy Bible.

5) Retraining of Bishops in Vietnam

The Catholic priests and bishops in Vietnam need be retrained on (a) their real duties and real responsibilities with the diocese and the followers, (b) the full legislation and precedence of The Holy See, and (c) the citizenship of Christians in both the earthy and the spiritual realms with the former the country and its laws and regulation (cf. Romans 13:1-7), and the latter God’s Heaven (cf. Philippians 3:20, Exodus 20:1-5, and Luke 20:25) and its doctrines, which prove anarchy is never amongst the teachings of God. The ignorance of either of the two citizenships is the very sign of wrong priests and bishops of Vietnam.

6) Revision of Vietnamese Translation of the Bible

It is a fact that all the Vietnamese versions of The Holy Bible have not been of excellent translation, be it the work of the Catholic or Evangelical Churches. The language is undeniably incomprehensive to every Vietnamese Christian, due to the following three issues:

(a) The present-day Vietnamese language format of alphabet writing presentation was developed by the French Jesuit missionaries in the XVIIth century to first serve the purpose of Bible teaching. The Vietnamese language in its primitive time definitely failed to accurately and sufficiently express the sense of the texts in another language, particularly from the great Holy Bible. Additionally, the French missionaries were of course not professional translators of Vietnamese language. All these make the Vietnamese versions of The Holy Bible partly clumsy and partly incomprehensive, and the spiritual education of the Vietnamese Catholics in general and Vietnamese Catholic priests could not be of a profile as high as in the Western world.

(b) Many obsolete Vietnamese wordings are still in the Vietnamese translation versions, and even some are not “translation” as they are not from any wording in the original say English version.

(b) Traditionally, the Vietnamese Christians have considered wordings in the Holy Bible the teachings of God which they must obey and respect, regardless of the fact that the Bible is in Vietnamese but not of a perfect profound translation but just an unprofessional work of amateur translators.

The above facts make the Vietnamese translation of The Holy Bible unchanged and non-updated or uncorrected for centuries. It depends totally individually on priests and bishops when reading the Bible at Church services, which their naïve followers failing to get the true context have to rely on their explanations. In a word, priests and bishops in Vietnam can easily misuse their power by misinterpreting the words of God in a poor translation of The Bible to mastermind the naïve people to involve in anti-government gatherings.

My proposal to Your Holiness is that the Vietnam’s Church should be taught by Your Holiness that any disregard to the accuracy, profound, and translation of The Holy Bible is itself a blasphemy, and that the Vietnamese translation version of The Holy Bible is allowed by The Holy See for updating and correcting.

As Vietnam need be stabilized and the communist government of Vietnam is the only entity capable of securing peace to the people of Vietnam, the agitation by those Catholic priests and bishops using fake flags and rag flags and inciting not only xenophobic hatred but also disobedience to the country’s laws can never be accepted. These priests and bishops need be reminded or re-educated by The Holy See that China’s invasion once the communist government of Vietnam is harmed by such thoughtless protests will surely corner the people of Vietnam including Vietnamese Christians to the definite verge of perdition and genocide.

The help from Your Holiness is kindly requested.

With every good wish to Your Holiness, I am,

Very Respectfully Yours,

Hoang Huu Phuoc, MIB

Vietnam’s XIIIth National Assembly Representative

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