When Facebook Gets Down-Down, LinkedIn Goes Up-Up

Hoang Huu Phuoc, MIB

11 October 2021

Of all the Hollywood’s “Downs”, e.g. Falling Down”, “White House Down”, “Watership Down”, “A Long Way Down”, “Love Comes Down”, “Igby Goes Down”, “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”,Gray Lady Down”, “Blackhawk Down”, “Sweet and Low-Down”, “47 Meters Down”, “Never Back Down”, “Upside Down”, “Officer Down”, and “I Went Down” – to name just a handful few – I prefer only the animated adventure film “The Rescuers Down Under” because it was the one my kid loved the best. But now there lingers in my pristine mind some new-fangled “Down” movie, probably appropriately to be titled “Platforms Down” or “Face Down” which I am sure Hollywood will produce within ten years from now at the latest. So, what “Platforms Down” or “Face Down” really means within my posting of “When Facebook Gets Down-Down, LinkedIn Goes Up-Up”.

Ever since Facebook’s coming-into-being, and regardless of various requests from my fans (never excluding the officers and staffs at the Committee of Foreign Affairs under the XIII National Assembly of Vietnam during the tenure of 2011-2016), I have consistently refused to use that platform for my writings. At the time when Vietnam underwent the first ever experiments of the Internet with slow low infra-structure development capabilities and inadequate supplies of electricity, leading to frequently up-then-down-then-no connections, there intensively arose online grumbles and blames against the Vietnam’s government from some Western business expatriates in Vietnam in wildly bucolic chorus (“hòa âm quê dã”) with the overseas anti-Vietnam US-parasitic losers who had fled Vietnam at The Fall of Saigon in 1975 that the communist Vietnam was doing its best to zip the mouths of the people and thus jeopardizing the basic “human rights” of the “freedom of speech and expression”. The common image easily seen on the then platforms was of a white Westerner in black suits with a broad X black tape over his mouth. My personal lifetime motto of “Support My Vietnam, You Are My Saintly Friend; Attack It, You Will Be Damnably Doomed” survives ordeals of time, and those posting such X-taped-mouthed messages received merciless on-line counterattacks from my very self. Explaining online that Facebook would be doomed because it let people freely rail against Vietnam, I emphasized I would never use such lowly goddamned platform. I opened one account on Facebook; only to post my only advice to my followers to read my articles elsewhere, say Word Press and/or the like. During the past decade I wrote many articles in English or Vietnamese to condemn Facebook and to predict as a man of vision its serious problems either in prestige or at business court cases or whatsoever negative else. Some of those writings of mine on the Vietnam’s business community Emotino (not “emotion”) webpage included “Blogging” (2008), “Social Networking: A Phantasmagoria of Insanity” (2010), “An Epitaph for Facebook” (2011), “Social Networking Threatening Social Life” (2011), and “The Doomsday of Facebook” (2011), and many others.

Attack Vietnam, You Must Be Damnably Doomed – Sooner or Later, Inevitably. My other saying online decades ago was: “Facebook and the like are chiefly for kids, adolescents, immature, non-compos mentis, and those anti-Viet blokes having distorted brains. That’s the reason I will never be a Facebooker.”  Of course, 99.99% of my relatives and friends and fans and acquaintances and clients and students are Facebook users. It is never a problem to me; it is their own problem, sooner or later, inevitably.

Regarding the so-called “freedom of speech and expressions”, if someone says the Holy Bible is full of lies and fakeness, Vatican and the Christians the world over may condemn him/her for blaspheming their God; and if he/she highly evaluates the theories of say communism, those morbid anti-communist blokes mostly of illiterates, religious fanatics, political extremists, and parasitic coward losers fleeing their birth countries to settle in Western superpowers may attack him/her physically; hence making the proud “freedom of speech and expression” mean the “freedom of the privileged or the knucklehead to crush underfoot the freedom of speech and expression of the vulnerably unprivileged.” When one fully acknowledges his/her real importance, profound knowledgeability, healthy capabilities, and his/her commonsense-ness as per universally common sense of sages, he/she will automatically understand that freedom has (a) never allowed him/her to consider his/her such freedom the utmost – or the only utmost or the top utmost – importance; (b) always embodied strictest legal restrictions to make his/her freedom properly righteously curbed within invisible frames of visible bars; (c) eternally connotatively biblically dictated that the solely exclusive freedom the whole humankind could have is as at Matthew 4:19, 10:38, 16:24 – i.e. some freedom having the absolute freedom to consider all personal freedoms not-worth-a-tinker’s-cuss except the one freedom to follow The One; and (d) been the cursed word to ignite all armed conflicts in the world due to the fanatic application, stupid over-glorification, insane misuse, and nonsensical misinterpretation of “freedom”.

Recently, Facebook was taken down, suffering a massive outage worldwide that also took down Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus. Before that, a heavy book was thrown at their face from the disclosure by their ex-manager Ms. Frances Haugen about the political misinformation, hate speech, teenage mental toxicity, morbid promotion of ethnic violence, and barbaric human trafficking, prevalently mushrooming among re-shares on that platform. When I coin the phrases of “get down-down” and “go up-up”, the former means “to get from a current lowly low position to further down then further down to a much lowly lower level of no return”, whilst the latter is literally explained as “to go from a current elite-higher level up to a further higher up level of no return”. Angry tweets were seen abundantly blaming Facebook for its as-is disaster whilst lauding LinkedIn to the high blue sky for its as-is substantial prestige of healthy operation and sustainable professionalism. Whichever is found from postings on LinkedIn, regardless of whether it is agreeable, convincing, debatable, arguable, controversial, profound, or commonplace, all “is” basically intellectually respectful. In this context, the difference in communities decides the fundamentalness of the platforms. At LinkedIn, it is its users whose high profiles are known by many amongst the business circle to help make LinkedIn fantastically garner much more practical attention.

With its power over and skills to make laws bent to tackle any obstacle, Facebook may soon wade through the troubled waters rather than toppling over the crevasse down to an unfathomable abyss of perdition. However, stain after stain on Facebook’s reputation is prophesying a down-and-down-and-out “destined-for-doom”, inevitably.

Hoang Huu Phuoc of Vietnam

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