Khúc Tự Tình Thời Thơ Ấu – A Ballade of Childhood

Hoàng Hữu Phước, MIB



Ballade là một bản tự tình ca trong khi Ballad là một thể loại thơ ca ngâm vịnh lãng mạn gọi là bản tình dao.

Bài sau mang tên Ballade of Childhood tôi sáng tác năm 1980 nhưng đã được chú thích tiếng Việt “Bản Tình Dao Thơ Ấu” – để cho giống một bài thơ chứ không là bản nhạc – trên blog Aspiration của tôi tại năm 2006 và trên năm 2008


Ballade of Childhood
by Hoang Huu Phuoc, 12-1980

Along the gloomy path I composed these lines of verses
To recall the events in my salad days
With carefree joyousness, disillusionment, then the sight of a hearse
Which brought the corpse of my sister Thuy to her grave
And my soul to the miserable tomb of Fate !
I was hurt with untold excruciating agony
Tearing me off apart from my fragile soul
And my mind was perplexed by the so-called immortality !

I used to hark to chirp-chirp of nightingales
And haphazard once I saw a dog running crookedly and sideways
Then loping across the green like a little demon
Towards the hedgerows of a crumbling cottage
In which there was not even a human trace !
So with a pen I toiled and toiled indefatigably
To materialize the dream on page and page
And my mind was perplexed by the so-called immortality !

Deep in the cockles of my dead-beat heart
I loathed vice blokes, imposing mass in false fame
Who jerked and jerked and jerked and turned to dust
Like the extinguishment of candle-flames.
Only babes and sucklings romping on the bay
Could bear misfortunes with equanimity.
Without suffering one can neither love nor create!
And my mind was perplexed by the so-called immortality !

At onto ridiculous world I wanted to nauseate
The damned baits. Only the pristine beauty
Did not betray me. O blokes, go to blazes !
And my mind was perplexed by the so-called immortality !
Hoàng Hữu Phước, Thạc-sĩ Kinh-doanh Quốc-tế

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